Building Performance

Building energy performance… revealed.

Does your building equipment run all night? Should it?

Peregrine Focus on Building Performance moves beyond the meter to conquer the next frontier of energy savings – the way your buildings operate.

A retrocommissioning service, Peregrine Focus on Building Performance combines real-time energy use monitoring with expert data analysis to dive deep into your building and capture energy waste.

How it works

Real-time electricity data collected at your electrical panel tells us how much energy your building equipment uses and when it runs. We analyze the data, identify which equipment is not running efficiently, and give you targeted recommendations for how to bring that use down with operational changes like updates to schedules and control settings.

Once those and any other changes are made measures are made, we check the data again. Because monitoring happens in real time, we can see each change immediately. Because it happens at the circuit level, we can measure the impact of each change precisely, which means we can verify the value of your investment.

Then we stay with you. We monitor and analyze your data on an ongoing basis to make sure your savings stick and spot new issues early. Then we check in with you periodically and show you what we find. Our reports are designed to be clear, easy to read, and useful to energy experts and non-experts alike.

For many buildings, the service pays for itself in 1 – 2 years.

Typical discoveries

  • Buildings that start up too early and shut down too late
  • Unnecessary heating and cooling during unoccupied times
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Poorly programmed energy management systems
  • Equipment maintenance issues

Already have an energy management system (EMS) in place?

Peregrine Focus on Building Performance can help fill in the gaps:

  • We find what the alerts can’t see: Peregrine Focus on Building Performance can spot unexpected spikes or dips in electricity use and uncover equipment issues that your EMS might not be able to see.
  • We analyze electricity use the EMS does not include: Your EMS may be set up to manage a portion of your infrastructure. Peregrine Focus on Building Performance lets you monitor the other parts of your building infrastructure without needing to incorporate them into the EMS.

* Peregrine Focus on Building Performance is eligible for Massachusetts Green Communities funding from the MA DOER and Pay-for-Performance incentives from NSTAR and National Grid in Massachusetts.