Building Performance

Peregrine Focus on Building Performance

Building energy performance… revealed

Does your building equipment run all night? Should it?

Find and capture energy waste from equipment that runs more than it should. Measure and verify exactly how much energy you save from efficiency efforts. Run your building equipment as cost effectively as possible and maintain that efficiency over time.

Peregrine Focus on Building Performance moves beyond the meter to conquer the next frontier of energy savings – the way your buildings operate.

BlueprintPeregrine Focus on Building Performance is a light retrocommissioning service that dives deep inside your building. It combines real-time monitoring of your equipment’s energy use, wireless data collection, and sophisticated data analysis. The result is an unmatched level of insight into your building’s energy performance and a Blueprint for Better Building Performance that shows you how to achieve real energy savings from straightforward operational changes.

Peregrine Focus on Building Performance is eligible for Green Communities funding from the MA DOER and for Pay-for-Performance incentives from NSTAR and National Grid in Massachusetts.

Save Save 5 – 10% with easy operational changes.
Uncover and eliminate energy waste caused by building equipment that runs too much or at the wrong time.
Verify Verify the value of your energy investments.
See the impact of your energy efficiency efforts immediately and measure the savings they create with precision.
Maintain Maintain your energy savings over time.
Monitor your energy use on an ongoing basis to make sure equipment performs as it should and catch new problems early.

How it works

  1. Lightweight monitoring devices are placed on your electrical panel. They transmit data wirelessly in real-time. That data tells us when your building equipment runs and how much energy it uses.
  2. We collect the data, analyze it, and identify which pieces of equipment are not running efficiently.
  3. We give you targeted recommendations for making easy operational changes like schedule and control-setting updates to bring that use down.
  4. Once those updates are in place, we check the data again. Because monitoring happens in real time, we can see each change immediately. Because it happens at the circuit level, we can measure the impact of each change precisely.
  5. Then we stay with you. We monitor and analyze your data on an ongoing basis to make sure your savings stick and spot new issues early. We check in with you periodically and show you what we find.

The service typically pays for itself in 1 – 2 years.

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