Energy Data Analysis

Get expert help managing, analyzing, and using energy data to reduce energy costs, improve building performance, or achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

For buildings

NEW! Community-scale energy use assessment
Bring energy efficiency or zero net energy into reach for your entire community with an energy use survey. This comprehensive effort integrates assessor data, utility data, census data, and other regional and national data sources into a report that uncovers the big drivers behind energy use and emissions within your community and shows you how to target efficiency efforts for the building types, ages, and uses that will give your community the biggest return on its effort.
Building portfolio management
Track building performance over time and store and analyze monthly utility data and any other kind of energy use data (eg. oil, propane, solar, etc.) for an entire portfolio of buildings using our utility energy data management tool. Already available to all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns under the name MassEnergyInsight and used by schools and private companies as well, our tool offers interactive reports that make it easy to track energy use, costs, and emissions trends over time by individual accounts, buildings, and building categories.
Detailed electricity use monitoring
Understand exactly what drives energy use within a specific building and get recommendations for how to change it with electricity use monitoring. We install monitoring equipment at the electrical circuit level and track the performance of building equipment, building sections, and rooms. Then we analyze that use and give you a set of recommendations for low-cost operational changes to reduce electricity use. This offering has been approved for Massachusetts Green Community competitive grant funding.

For solar energy projects

Net metering credit calculation
For organizations managing a group of solar energy projects that need help calculating net metering credits and allocating those credits across the project, we can lift the burden. Building on our experience doing exactly this for more than 25 MW of solar already, we have developed a streamlined methodology that integrates utility and developer bills with schedule Z information and enough checks and balances to ensure accuracy.
Third-party meter reading / independent verification for renewable energy certificates (RECs) 
For organizations wishing to qualify RECs in the NEPOOL GIS for use with Renewable Portfolio Standard compliance in New England, we provide the required third-party meter reading and independent verification of system production.