Municipal Aggregation

Municipal Aggregation

Take a big step toward community sustainability goals without a big financial investment. Implement a community choice energy aggregation and give your citizens access to greener power and choices for their electricity supply, for no up-front cost.

Municipal aggregation is a form of group purchasing in which your city or town arranges electricity supply on behalf of its citizens. Our experienced team can guide you through aggregation process smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. We have been working with aggregation in Massachusetts from the very beginning. We understand energy policy, procurement, and contracts from the inside out.

Implementing an aggregation

Our team provides help at every step of the implementation process:


Initial vote of community approval Massachusetts aggregations must be voted on and approved by the community. We can provide information to help community stakeholders understand the aggregation process and the potential benefits to the community.


Aggregation plan
We work closely with your community to draft a customized plan that gives your community the right energy supply choices and that meets all state requirements.


Aggregation plan
approval by the state
When your plan is complete, we shepherd it through the required reviews and approvals

  • Department of Energy Resources (DOER) review of your aggregation plan
  • Department of Public Utilities (DPU) approval of your aggregation plan


Electricity supplier
selection and contract
Once your aggregation plan is approved, it is time to select an electricity supplier. We help you to:

  • Develop and issue an RFP that specifies your desired mix of renewable energy
  • Evaluate the bids that you receive and select the bid that offers the strongest combination of environmental benefits and price
  • Negotiate a contract with the winning supplier


Public education
and outreach
After your electricity supply contract is signed, we’ll help you run a polished public education and outreach campaign that informs all citizens in your community about the aggregation and its benefits. Every eligible customer will receive a letter describing the program and their right to opt out. All citizens have the right to opt out of the aggregation and return to the utility’s Basic Service at any time, at no cost.


Program launch After the public education campaign, it’s time for your aggregation to launch! We work with the supplier to ensure a smooth launch.

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